Introducing the new "valuecoin"

Bustad coin is a new type of token whose value is backed by tangible real-world assets. Bustad coin does not fit neatly into the category of stablecoins or volatile cryptocurrencies, as it occupies a unique position somewhere in between these two types of digital assets. That's why we've introduced a new term to describe Bustad coin: "valuecoin". We believe that this term better communicates the unique and innovative nature of Bustad coin.

A better solution for homeowners

Bustad is a blockchain-based system that enables users to unlock up to 20% of the value of their homes. By selling a fraction of their homes, they can reduce their debt and monthly payments. Even more important now that inflation is on the rise and interest rates are higher.

This comes with no practical implications for the homeowner as Bustad won't charge any rent, and the owner will keep the full living and collateral rights. The owner can at any time buy back the share from Bustad.

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