Smart Contracts

This page describes the smart contracts that make up the Bustad protocol.
The Bustad protocol consists of several smart contracts deployed on the Ethereum mainnet. The contracts are written in Solidity, and most of the contracts are derived from Openzeppelin's template contracts to ensure that we follow best practices for smart contract development.
mainnet address
The ERC20 contract that makes up the Bustad coin (BUSC)
The ERC20 contract that makes up the Eigar token (EIG)
Here is where the minting logic runs. This contract is responsible for exchanging ETH/DAI/USDC with minted BUSC.
This contract is responsible for distributing EIG when an address mints new BUSCs.


All of our smart contracts are pausable, meaning we have the possibility to pause critical functionalities when necessary. This will only be invoked in cases of major issues like a cyberattack or any unexpected events that may lead to a loss of funds for our token holders.

Ownership / Admin

The ownership and admin rights for our smart contracts have been granted to a multisignature contract. Only this multisignature contract has the ability to make changes and invoke protected functionalities in the smart contract. The multisignature contract is set up with a 3-5 principle. Click here to read more.


The smart contracts have been audited by an external blockchain security company. Follow this link if you want to read the full audit report: https://www.rdauditors.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/Bustad-Smart-Contract-Security-Report.pdf

Source Code - Github