We've collected some questions that we thought you might have. However, if you still have questions unanswered, don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].
Is a cryptocurrency really needed to make this work?
Bustad aims to be a cryptocurrency hedged against inflation. Crypto/blockchain provides the ideal structure for building and scaling a platform accessible to global investors with built-in safeguards, security, and transparency. Once homes are purchased, they will be available on the blockchain for everyone to audit the value of Bustad Coins. Using cryptocurrency provides near instant transactions/payments around the clock.
How is Horde getting paid for the technology they provide? What are their kickback incentives?
Horde has a service level agreement with Bustad, providing them with technology. Horde also distributes the service to homeowners, leveraging our brand and close to 200k users. For this, Horde charges Bustad a fee covered by the homeowner for each tokenized property.